yborA New Year, A New Office, and a Renewed Passion to seek out Complicated Medical Malpractice Cases.

On January 1st, I moved my office to Historic Ybor and am looking to reconnect with my fellow bar Members.  For the past handful of years, I’ve been at war with Tampa General in intense litigation regarding ten infant death cases with very complicated facts.  I found a way to hold the Hospital vicariously liable for USF doctors and circumvent the “conspicuous notice” and “independent contractor” issues.  The war is finally over and my firm prevailed, with the first case culminating in a twelve million dollar verdict against the hospital.

Now I’m looking for new battles.  Most of my cases come as referrals from fellow bar members; so if you have a case that delves deep into the medicine, please think of me.  You can contact me at my office at 813-227-7777 or if you’re in the neighborhood drop by and say hello.  My office is located at 1509 East 9th Ave, Ybor.