A Step-by-Step Process for Medical Malpractice Litigation In Florida

Despite the impression one gets from movies and television, legal disagreements do not leap immediately from client complaint to the courtroom. In fact, many personal injury claims are settled satisfactorily without ever going to court at all. Any firm you hire should be prepared to provide you with the justice you deserve and take every necessary step to see that you win your case.

Initial Consultation — Without any obligation, we will meet and discuss the accident or incident with the prospective client. We trust we will receive open and honest information during this consultation. In return, we will give an honest evaluation of your claim.

Investigation — Our staff will gather information to evaluate and negotiate your claim through a variety of sources: records and computer searches, witness interviews, doctors’ conferences and communication with the defendant (and/or counsel) and insurance companies. In some cases, we do not have to wait for the completion of medical treatment before initiating settlement discussions or litigation.

Mediation — It may be possible to settle the claim through one or more meetings (guided by a trained and approved “mediator”) with the defendant and his or her insurance company representative.

Arbitration — Occasionally, the best option is for both parties to submit the disagreement to arbitration. A carefully chosen arbitrator will listen to both sides and then make a decision. This resolution can be binding and preempt any further action.

Litigation — This is the course to take when settlement attempts have failed. We file a complaint and begin to prepare for trial. The claim may still be settled at this point. However, if a trial is necessary to protect our clients’ rights, we have the skill, experience, financial resources, and perseverance to present the case aggressively in court.

We are here for you and are prepared to do whatever it takes to help you win your case.